Bank of Hawaii
  Charles Pankow Builders
  Department of Education
  Diagnostics Laboratory
  Halekulani Corporation
  Hawaii Pacific Health
  Hawaiian Electric Co.
  Island Insurance
  Japan Institute of
    Management Science
  Kaikor Construction
  Kapiolani Medical Center
  Kauai Medical Clinic
  McDonald's of Hawaii
  Mid-Pacific Petroleum
  Office of Hawaiian Affairs
  Pearl Harbor Naval
  Referentia Systems Inc.
  Sheraton Hotels
    & Resorts
  SSFM Engineering
  Straub Clinic & Hospital
  Watts Constructors
  Zippy's Restaurants


Accelerated Development for Emerging Leaders

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Growing Your Leaders, Growing Your Business

"Wendy is very positive and upbeat, and her genuine interest in my development resonated in every session as she worked with me to explore new options, try new communication styles, or just take a moment to reflect on what I had accomplished. She is very easy to work with and gained my trust and confidence after the very first session."
Linda, VP Major Proposals, Engineering Firm

Insight Consulting &
The Leets Consortium
Right Management

Young Business Council

"Wendy is very insightful and introspective and really understands the issues I am dealing with. She hit the nail on the head 99.9% of the time in her assessment of different situations and helped me to find creative ways to approach problems."
Joe, Business Development Manager, Automobile Manufacturer

"Wendy has a way of providing feedback in a way that is very positive and constructive. I feel that I made a lot of progress in the areas I chose to work on. In addition to her coaching skills, she is very well-read and made good recommendations for books that would help me become a better manager."
Tom, Site Manager, Public Utility Company

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